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I knew before I purchased my first goat that I wanted to make cheese.  I'm really not a milk drinker but I love cheese and yogurt.  As I shopped for my goats I asked everyone I met if they knew how to make goat cheese.  Surprisingly nobody could tell me how to make cheese, although most goat people had heard of someone who actually did make cheese but they couldn't really remember their name.  After I got my first goats, I did find someone who taught me to make Chevre, yum. I eventually went to New England and took a cheese class where I learned a little more.  Making cheese from milk that I actually milked with my two hands from goats that are well cared for and happy is an immensely satisfying experience.  An added bonus is my health has never been better.  Coincidence?  I don't know.  I do know that since my family has been drinking goat's milk and goat milk products we are rarely ill and when we are it is very short lived.

Cheesemaking stuff

A few cheese pictures



draining chevre


Stretchy Mozzarella



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